You will quickly find we execute our work reliably, efficiently, and budget-consciously.

After all, we've shaped the Earth for 50+ years, with over 175 years of combine expertise.

Born and raised in the heartland, Dave Hulstein Excavating™ knows what farm life is all about. Pretty much everyone on our crew is either from a farm or has worked on a farm. As a matter of fact there's a farm across from our shop and an implement dealer kiddy-corner from our approach.

You're the expert in tending Earth's livestock and harvesting her fields. We're the experts in shaping the Earth. 

When you're ready to enlarge your livestock capacity or increase your fields' potential, Hulstein Excavating™ has experience in projects of all kinds—livestock projects, land reclamation, and even grain storage solutions.

With the expertise to design your project, offer advice for better Earth (dirt) handling, and self-perform a majority of the work contracted to keep your agricultural project running smoothly and on schedule, we'll be in & back out before your crops/livestock know what happened. Let's shape the Earth together…™

If it involves Earth (dirt), we do it!™

  • Livestock

    • Hog pits

    • Cattle lagoons

  • Water management

    • Wells

    • Waterlines

    • Pond (managed) drainage

  • Land reclamation

    • Waterways

    • Slew drainage

    • Terraces

  • Water management

    • Wells

    • Irrigation lines