A promise we keep: We'll please both your bookkeeper and your employer.  You will quickly find we execute our work reliably, efficiently, and budget-consciously.

After all, we've shaped the Earth for 50+ years, with over 175 years of combine expertise.

Dave Hulstein Excavating™ has extensive experience in commercial projects of all kinds—industrial, recreational, residential, and retail. From excavation and burial of underground utilities to site preparation & footing excavation of all sizes to final grade, Dave Hulstein Excavating™ has the expertise to design your project, offer advice for better Earth (dirt) handling, and self-perform a majority of the work contracted to keep your commercial project running smoothly and on schedule.  Let's shape the Earth together…™

If it involves Earth (dirt), we do it!™

  • Site preparation
  • Installation of site utilities
  • Soil corrections
  • Various forms of demolition
  • Footing excavation
  • Emergency sewer & water repair
  • Street construction/reconstruction
  • Project managers (that manage)
  • Quick, clean, and well-organized professional crews
  • Rapid work schedules (quick turnaround)
  • Around-the-clock response
  • …and a dirt pile of additional projects